HEO Minor actively encourages player affiliation with higher level or higher age teams.  To that end we have a Regulation regarding Affiliation – 8.0.  We will make reference to HEO Minor Regulation 8.0 b which says “A coach cannot deny a player the opportunity to affiliate.”  This means that a player requested for affiliation may do so as long as proper procedures are followed and the affiliated team is up a level or up an age from the team that player is on.

Here we have to differentiate between being allowed to affiliate and being called up to play.

All requests to utilize an affiliated player must be directed through the coach of the player’s regular team who will decide if the player is available to play up.  Typically if the regular team has a game on the date and time the player is being requested for he may in this particular situation refuse to allow the player the opportunity to play with the upper level team. 

We ask that coaches not refuse reasonable requests for players it may interfere with attendance at a practice or other training of because there is a game coming up in a few days following.  These affiliations are an opportunity for the player to improve his skills and should be encouraged.