• Coach qualifications for DISTRICT 1 are to be followed.  HEO has different qualifications, and are the minimum.  Coaches/trainers must follow the proper protocol for D1 qualifications below. 
  • Any coach who was on the bench last year, and did not have proper qualifications (last year we used HEO standards), will not be permitted on the bench/roster this year until qualifications are obtained. 
  • ALL volunteers REQUIRE VSCRC checks. Anyone who does not get this done is NOT permitted on a roster. It is up to the Association Registrar to manage that,
  • There are NO ON-ICE HELPERS. Everyone must have proper bench/coach qualifications (level, RIS, VSCRC); unless it's a student getting volunteer hours (age 16 and over needs VSCRC).
  • NO BENCH STAFF IS TO BE ADDED TO A ROSTER WITHOUT COMPLETE QUALIFICATIONS...if they are registered for a clinic they will be approved as PENDING.  So with this being said, they need to have the following to be added : appropriate coaching course as required for level they are coaching, VSCRC, RIS, Gender Identity Equality course.

If you are interested in coaching, please send an email to

You can also indicate your interest during player registration in TeamSnap.


If you have been selected to be a member of a SDMHA Bench Staff or an on-ice Coach:

  • OPP Vulnerable Sector Check
  • The following training courses:
    1. From Hockey Eastern Ontario
      1. RESPECT IN SPORT For Hockey Canada Activity Leaders available here
    2. From Hockey Canada
      1. *HU - ONLINE Coach 1/Coach 2
      2. *HU - Planning a Safe Return to Hockey
      3.  Gender Identity and Expression Course
      4. Coach 1 - Intro to Coach
      5. For U11 and above - Coach 2 - Coach Level
      6. For U13 and up Rep level - Development 1

       Full details are at


> If you have been selected to be a Trainer:

                           Full details are at

               2. From Hockey Eastern Ontario


 > If you have been selected to be a Manager:
  • OPP Vulnerable Sector Check
    1. Step 1 - Contact SDMHA to obtain a letter required for the Vulnerable Sector Check.
    2. Step 2 - Complete the LE220 Vulnerable Sector Check.


A complete list of HEO Coaching Clinic dates and locations can be found here

Respect In Sport for Activity Leaders course

Trainer’s course


Q: I need help planning a practice.  Where do I find ideas?

Q: I would like to affiliate a player.  Where can I find the affiliate player form?
A: The affiliation form can be found at

Q: Do I need a travel form to compete in tournaments?
A: Yes, if the tournament is out of Hockey Eastern Ontario’s geographical limits.  Find the travel form at

Q: Where do I find league standings, schedules, and other information from the UCMHL?